Slave Girl Put on the Auction Block


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As a slave it is my duty to my master to be pleasing. When I fail to please it is also my duty to accept the punishment that is coming to me. I know that I am weak. A weaker girl must always understand that her job is to be pleasing and I failed in my duty last week to my master. In his eyes what I did was a much bigger thing than what I thought it was. I realize now that I spoke out of turn and embarrassed my master. Not because he is insecure but because y actions are a direct reflection on him. Others who know what we really are are always watching and they always are judging his level of control over me by observing the way I behave.

My master knows this, too. I knew it as well but I wasn’t thinking. I am a silly girl and I deserved the punishment that master chose for me. A slave auction for public use wasn’t something that I thought he could pull off. He had threatened it before but I always just assumed it was only that. The threat of being put on display for his friends’ amusement and use. master knows a lot of men who know how to treat a misbehaving girl. He knows more of them who don’t mind doing it at all even when other people are watching.

I never realized how humiliating that could be. In a room full of perhaps a dozen people in a private auction this slave was bid on. They watched me and judged me like I was an animal. They used me and put me back up on display to start another round of bidding. I realize now that I am a girl too lowly to afford such mistakes. master showed me the error of my ways and I’ll always cum on command, from here on out.

My Slave Collar, My Very First One

Slave Collar

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The first time that I ever got a slave collar it was a gift from my then dom who told me that a good slave must have a collar. I was new to all of this but outside of a sexual fetish for the slave collar I didn’t see the reason why a collar was needed to prove that I was really serious about being a slave. I was wrong about that but it took awhile for it to sink in for me. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t (and still do) have a strong will. Sometimes when I get stuck on an idea I stay with it past making sense.

It required a good deal of training, physical, sexual, and otherwise before I saw the light. A slave collar is not an objectification process. It is a mark of honor in a slave girl’s life. If you give up your collar and allow your fate to be intertwined with that of another person, your dom? That’s magical. It really is one of the most important things that as a slave you’re ever going to do.

When I find a worthy dom again I’ll happily put on his slave collar. I know now what I didn’t know then and that’s the simple fact that everyone who calls themselves a slave should be collared. You are property but you are also valued property. People sitting outside of the BDSM scene don’t agree but a slave collar is not groveling, it is a badge of pride. I’m valuable enough to want to brand. That’s why I think a slave collar is important.

I have a collection of slave collars now. A collection I’d like to see grow. If you can be valuable to a lot of people worth being valuable to it measures your worth.

hollywould: slave Collar
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Wearing Out The Shackles – Bondage Mishaps


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I’ve been into bondage for awhile now. Whips, chains, shackles, manacles, and whatever else you’ve got chances are I’ll be into it. I prefer being the one tied up to the one doing the tying. That’s a matter of preference. There’s nothing all that sexy about some dude being tied up honestly. You don’t see a whole lot of movies where a guy is tied up and there’s a reason for that. As a point of fact, in BDSM there’s is definitely a gender bias toward female submission but it doesn’t seem to matter who does the dominating. I prefer men for that too though.


I like shackles, I had a pair of them that I sort of stole from this army guy that I was dating. I really have no idea where he got them but I like them and I have been using them since then. Sometimes I do pretty rough stuff while I’m in shackles and they don’t really come with an instruction manual so there’s no way that’s easy to find out how to maintain them. Its not like I can just call the shackles store and say “I’m a filthy bondage slut. How do I fix my shackles?”


I guess I could say that but I won’t. Well, I was fucking in shackles last night. bent over and getting really nailed. I’m screaming, crying, cumming and my arms are being held up and behind my back by a lead that’s tied to the shackles. Literally I’m being fucked like an animal when suddenly my favorite shackles just snapped and my wrists popped free and the force of my arm jerking forward slapped the guy I was banging right in the dick. He went down and not in a good way and I thought about checking on him but I was upset about my shackles.

Jeannie Baby: shackles
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Layla’s Punishment

submissive laylaI’m home all by myself, waiting, wishing and hoping you will cum inside and slide that pulsating cum stick deep inside my warm wet virgin pussy and turn me into your dirty little slut bitch. I need punishment. I want you to come home and punish me.  I know I am a bad girl that needs punishment. You find me being a naughty girl, playing with my pussy. You explain to me that is bad. It is only for you to do as you begin to finger my pussy and rub my clit with your thumb. You explain to me that you will have to punish me.


You tell me my punishment will be swift and painful but it is necessary because I was naughty and I have to know all my private parts are yours and yours alone to use or allow to be used by others. You promise you will make the pain feel good when you tell me to go and lean over the soda and pull my panties down.


I do as I am told, expecting the belt but instead I feel your fingers probing around my asshole. Roughly, you force a greasy finger into my butt. It hurts and I cry out you keep working them until my tears lessen then tell me to go to the bedroom take off all my clothes and lift my legs above  my head. Of course, I do as I am told.


You get between my legs with your hard cock shiney with lube and start playing with my clit.  You get me begging to cum and then I feel your big purple head against my asshole and you are holding my legs down you command me to play with my clit, you know I am on the edge and you slam your cock into my ass. The searing pain makes me scream the orgasm makes me writhe.


Thank you master.

I want to be everything you want me to be. Spank me as you fuck me, make me worship your cock, lick your hot sweaty ass, or make me cry while you forcibly violate my tight little asshole. I will do it all! I will take my punishment like a good girl.  Call me, use me.

I Am Nothing But a Worthless Slave


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There’s something about being a slave that turns me on. See, I’ve always known I liked men Dominant. What I didn’t know is how hard I would like to get fucked. My master was the one who showed me that my real purpose is in pleasing others before myself. I want to be fucked like a whore and treated like a cumslut. Cum is what I really want. I love cum. I love having it sprayed on my face, my tits, my ass, and all over. I love to eat it more than most.

The problem is that I love to suck dick. Of course most men like to get their dicks sucked but its hard to play a good girl when all you really want to do is take the cock all the way into your mouth and suck it off until it cums. I love the feeling of a hard, veiny, and big dick throbbing and dumping a huge hot load right into my mouth. Its the power of a submissive girl. Not a lot of men realize it though so let me explain. With a dick in my mouth I’m totally in control.

Being a slave means pushing limits. I want to find a man who is willing to make me suck his cock so much that I have to live on cum. Its a fantasy of mine to be fed cum and only cum for a couple of days at a time. I want to be left so hungry for it that I have to suck cock like its a drug. If I could find a person who could hypnotise me into it then that would be even better. Make me into a dick sucking BBW whore and eat hot gooey cum.