A True Phonesex Slut Here To Serve You

Phonesex Slut

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If you’re looking for a phonesex slut then you don’t need to look any further than right here. This girl will take your fantasy and run with it in a way that you can’t even imagine. Real submissive girls like this one know that their true place is as the feet of a real man who knows how to use them. There’s no phonesex slut quite like this either. Nothing is too exotic, nothing is to taboo, and nothing is off limits. This is no holds barred phonesex with no limitations or restraint.


No matter your game she can play it and she will play it just as hard as you can. She’s a kinky dirty little phonesex slut and she needs a strong stern voice on the other end of the phone to tell her that he place, her purpose is to get you off. And why not? This girl is here right now and waiting to be used. She’s got an eager and dirty little mind waiting to be filled with whatever you want.


Your rewards and punishments for this phonesex slut will keep her on the edge of her seat, panting, moaning, and begging for more. Whether you are a strict dom or a caring sensual master she’ll be on board though we know for a fact that she does like her phonesex a little rough so don’t be afraid to go too far or too strong. Hard and strong are two of her favorite things.


Won’t you come and use this filthy phonesex slut? She needs your cock in her right away. Your whips and chains are bondage are welcome as well. And if she’s bad I hear a nice3 hard spanking will get her to adjust her attitude for you very quickly. Call her now.


Busty Britney: Phonesex Slut
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A Ball Gag To Shut Your Slut Up


Ball Gag

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A ball gag is to keep a girl in her place. Remember that scene in Pulp Fiction where Bruce Willis and the black guy get tied up in the back room of that store by the Hillbillies When I was younger that made me so wet. not because it was happening to Bruce Willis but because it was a gag and that ball gag made him helpless. I imagined what it would be like to have me in the same position. Tied to a chair with a ball gag in my mouth I wouldn’t be able to do anything to stop whatever was going to happen to me. I’d be totally helpless. if they wanted to put their cocks in my ass and pussy I couldn’t do anything. If I got hatefucked by Billy Bob right there in front of his brother I couldn’t stop him even if I wanted to. I’d be helpless to do anything but cry.


There’s something hot about that rubber ball gag being shoved in your mouth. You can struggle, you can make choked little sounds of blissful suffering but you certainly can’t do anything but what good girls are supposed to do. Shut the fuck up and take the cock of a real man. Of course the ball gag is a tool of a real man but I’ve found that not a lot of men have the stones to actually try to tame me with one. This is where you come in. I’m flat out challenging you to tame me. Shove that ball gag in my mouth and fuck the living shit out of me. Don’t give me a change to beg you not to, use me hard and when you are done tell me what a good girl I was while I cry.


Mistress Asia: Ball Gag
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Name-calling Turns me to Fuckable Jelly

name-calling for whoresWell, I am a submissive woman and I’m very active with other people that are involved in the BDSM community I myself am not a part of the BDSM community. The reason for this is I don’t follow protocol. Protocol being the rules, we will call them arbitrary rules, that are set by members of the community based on what they enjoy and what and what turns them on which is the same problem that exists in the vanilla world. What people into BDSM world dislike in the vanilla world is the judgement of their practices yet they have set up similar rules for their own subculture. What were these horrible, terrible protocol breaking interests that I have? Name-calling and face slapping.


Yes boys and girls, that would be it name-calling and face slapping that are the terrible evils that I got chastised for in the BDSM community. I can’t help it, that this is what turns me on. I love having my face slapped and the more extreme the verbal humiliation the more I like it. But when I brought this up to some members in the BDSM community I was told, “Oh that’s abusive.” How can that be abusive if that’s what I like to have done to me? It’s gets my pussy going. It’s what puts me in subspace. I think the worst part for me though, was when they insulted my master. As everyone knows submissive’s are very protective of their masters and respect them more than anything and to hear some pathetic waste of a dominant man call my master and abuser was just too much for me. That is why I left the BDSM community. It seems so silly considering my fetishes terrible. I thought face slapping and name-calling were pretty tame.


Years later, reading the internet, it would seem I was right, both name calling and face slapping are pretty tame.  While it may be a few years later and things may have changed dramatically in the BDSM community that I was involved in and or the one I could be involved in now, I am still not interested in conforming to the rules of some arbitrary BDSM government and being judged based on what I like. Isn’t that why we made a community of our own?

Slave Girl Put on the Auction Block


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As a slave it is my duty to my master to be pleasing. When I fail to please it is also my duty to accept the punishment that is coming to me. I know that I am weak. A weaker girl must always understand that her job is to be pleasing and I failed in my duty last week to my master. In his eyes what I did was a much bigger thing than what I thought it was. I realize now that I spoke out of turn and embarrassed my master. Not because he is insecure but because y actions are a direct reflection on him. Others who know what we really are are always watching and they always are judging his level of control over me by observing the way I behave.

My master knows this, too. I knew it as well but I wasn’t thinking. I am a silly girl and I deserved the punishment that master chose for me. A slave auction for public use wasn’t something that I thought he could pull off. He had threatened it before but I always just assumed it was only that. The threat of being put on display for his friends’ amusement and use. master knows a lot of men who know how to treat a misbehaving girl. He knows more of them who don’t mind doing it at all even when other people are watching.

I never realized how humiliating that could be. In a room full of perhaps a dozen people in a private auction this slave was bid on. They watched me and judged me like I was an animal. They used me and put me back up on display to start another round of bidding. I realize now that I am a girl too lowly to afford such mistakes. master showed me the error of my ways and I’ll always cum on command, from here on out.

My Slave Collar, My Very First One

Slave Collar

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The first time that I ever got a slave collar it was a gift from my then dom who told me that a good slave must have a collar. I was new to all of this but outside of a sexual fetish for the slave collar I didn’t see the reason why a collar was needed to prove that I was really serious about being a slave. I was wrong about that but it took awhile for it to sink in for me. I’m not going to lie and say I didn’t (and still do) have a strong will. Sometimes when I get stuck on an idea I stay with it past making sense.

It required a good deal of training, physical, sexual, and otherwise before I saw the light. A slave collar is not an objectification process. It is a mark of honor in a slave girl’s life. If you give up your collar and allow your fate to be intertwined with that of another person, your dom? That’s magical. It really is one of the most important things that as a slave you’re ever going to do.

When I find a worthy dom again I’ll happily put on his slave collar. I know now what I didn’t know then and that’s the simple fact that everyone who calls themselves a slave should be collared. You are property but you are also valued property. People sitting outside of the BDSM scene don’t agree but a slave collar is not groveling, it is a badge of pride. I’m valuable enough to want to brand. That’s why I think a slave collar is important.

I have a collection of slave collars now. A collection I’d like to see grow. If you can be valuable to a lot of people worth being valuable to it measures your worth.

hollywould: slave Collar
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Submissive Phonesex Gets Fucking Nasty

Submissive Phonesex

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There’s a certain amount of appeal that you only really get with submissive phonesex. You’re kind of taking the responsibility of being the other end of the fleshlight on the phone for the master whose putting the faith and the pleasure of his own orgasm on the line for you. It’s a job that I take very seriously. When submissive phonesex comes to call I answer that call and no matter what fantasy I have to play out I treat it as one of my own. Masters like when a girl is good about those kinds of things as I’ve found out.

The fleshlight is a delicious invention. One of my phone Masters has a collection of them, an ass, a pussy, and a mouth. So no matter what we get to talking about he can get the real feeling of what we’re doing on the other end of the phone. He sent me a picture of him fucking one of them once and I still watch it and play with myself. I think the reason why I thought it was so sexy is because I knew that he was thinking about me at the time and that’s enough to make this girl feel… really good about herself.

With a fleshlight fucking and submissive phonesex the fantasy can literally go anywhere. We’ve talked about some nasty stuff and the more he comes back the more I realize I was a whole lot kinkier than I thought I was. That’s not a bad thing though, just a statement of the facts. I love to get master off with his toy. I love to be his toy. I’m really a no limits pig at the end of the day. Including a toy and hot pics into the mix is only going to get me more into it.

Bondage Phonesex: Wanna Tie Me Up Sir?


1-888 Phone Pal ext: 44792

Bondage has been a part of my life since I got into sex. I’m not like a lot of other girls because of that I guess. There’s just something about the feeling of rope, I like rope the best, around my wrists and ankles that makes me wet. I think that a lot of it is the feeling of helplessness that comes with bondage. You can’t really say that you are at all in control. you’re really totally at the mercy of the master whose got you in that compromising situation in the first place and it’s something that really gets me off and flavors most of my fantasies.


My bondage fantasies are pretty intricate too. I usually picture people in a position of authority tying me up and getting ready to use one (or more definitely more) of my eager little holes. Though I might pretend not to like it it’s a safe bet that once you break out the ropes and Tie Me Up I’ll be an eager little bondage doll in no time at all.


When I found out about phonesex and I started doing it I found out that there are a lot more people like me who like to be tied up. That’s who I am looking to talk to here. A friend of mine and I were talking about it and really I think that phone sex is the next plateau for safe bdsm. Over the phone I can afford to explore bondage limits and fantasies that are scarier in real life. With phonesex I can have absolutely no limits and that means I can go deeper into that vaunted sub space than I thought I could.


So don’t keep me bound and waiting. See what I did there? Sir I want you to make me your bondage girl.

Sexy Chantal: Bondage
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My First Gang Bang

hollywoulds first gangbangI was going to the Hotel next door to buy some cigarettes because it was nearby and I loved all the attention the Muslims that owned the place gave me when I went there.  You would not believe how nasty they can be. This reputation they have for being all stingy sexually is no truer than it is for Christians.  All it takes is a good slut to break that holier than though armor! I had no idea was in for my first gang bang.

Being the good slut I am, of course I dressed like a slut when I went over, you never know what kind of situation you can get in! I was hardly prepared for the gang bang to come. Well actually I had an idea which is why dressed the part with no panties, black thigh highs and bra, and a white button up shirt worn open. I am sorta punky so I was not wearing come fuck me boots but some hot Docs.

I noticed it was pretty packed at the hotel but then again it was a Friday night and they had three ballrooms they rented out for various occasions but this night when I walked in I noticed I was outnumbered by men, men in uniform! Could there have been a better place for a girl like me to be? Still to this day I wondered how I never thought it might end in a gang bang, all the makings for a gang bang were there.

Of course I was singled out by a small group of young men (unknown to me for a gang bang) and soon found out they were having a graduation party.  They had just gotten out of Navy boot camp. Hot, young and very horny I really could not have asked for a better Friday night.  My luck was intense! My pussy was instantly wet and my hand as quickly filled with a drink that burned a little as it went down.  In the next hour I felt like I had the bottomless drink.

The drink stayed full and the attention was astounding. I was in heaven.  Of course there is always that one guy who takes over which is a good thing because I could not have decided which was the best choice.  I was so drunk and so horny I was glad to have had the choice made for me.

He eased me away from the crowed shoved me into he wall and began kissing me very hard on the lips while his hand groped up my skirt and his fingers found the promised wet land. When his fingers plunged into my slick pussy he breathed in my ear “you’re ready” and took me up the elevator to his room.

He wasted no time pushing me down on the bed and we soon filled the sterile room with the smell of sex as he ground his hard cock deep into my pussy. Right as I was cumming someone knocked on the door.  I was all ready to cover myself and began to pull away when he yelled” come in” instead of the expected ”be right there!” Still I had no idea their was a gang bang in my midst.

I did not quite know what to think and my pussy was still spasming around his cock as the other guy asked, “Is she as hot as she looks” while he put the bottles he has been carrying down on the floor and began undoing the 16 buttons on his black dress uniform. My eyes were closed as he came over and slapped me lightly on my face with his warm cock,  telling me to open up.  I did, with my eyes still closed,  expecting his warm cock but instead I started coughing and gagging on the burning liquid. He still kept the bottle tilted toward my face in spite of my gagging telling me he had to keep the slut warm for the festivities. The festivities that were soon to become a gang bang.

I could smell the sex and booze fell the burning but also heard the sink.  Someone was in the bathroom.  I was swallowing as quickly as he was poring and hardly noticed when the cock when down my throat. I could not see it because my face was wet with high proof booze and I did not want to burn my eyes as he mounted my chest, constricting it and fucked my face rocking back and forth on my chest while cock continued to pound deeply into my pussy. I knew a gang bang was coming and did not dread it.  I had always fantasized about being the lone girl in a gang bang.

He was on his knees at the end of the bed  with my ass hanging off the edge pounding my pussy while his friend was giving me a good throat fucking. My neck, hair, face and tits were drenched in my spit when I felt his cock twitching in my throat.  When it exploded I could tell by the size of his salty load he must not have jacked his cock in boot camp.  “Wash it down,” he was saying as he poured more of the whiskey down my throat and on my face but I got a quick  look around me and all I could see where black pants and shiny shoes.

The next guy who joined the gang bang had me turn over and I think it was the same guy pulled my legs off the bed so my upper body was on the bed and my knees were on the floor and he spread me and went back at my throbbing pussy and someone else pulled my head up by a fistful of my hair and positioned his cock in my mouth, my face in his lap and fucked my head with my hair.

I could feel the guy behind me putting his fingers in my butt and tried to protest but every time I did the guy shoved his cock further down my throat. I felt something hard and cold go in my butt.  It was only a little uncomfortable so I went back to trying to pay attention to cock sucking and milking the cum out of the big dick in my mouth when I felt something cold on my ass.  I knew it was something to be used for lube and also knew I had only had a very small cock in my ass until this time and was not ready for a big cock yet but this had become a full fledged gang bang and I could hardly resist. I could not get away because by definition there are a lot of guys at a gang bang and then felt the searing pain of at least a nine inch and  thick cock going in my ass.  I screamed into the cock in my moth which only enabled him to push my face further down, forcing the entire cock in my throat. I could feel it streching my throat it hurt but I delighted in the fact I was deep throating and he was vigorously fucking my face just as if it were my cunt. I was buried to his balls and while I was in terrible pain I came in spite of myself.  I came because I had accomplished no small task of swallowing eight inches of pure cock, finally getting a gang bang and the guy with the huge cock was making sure I came because he was jerking off my little clit!


Those guys fucked me until dawn. The last count I had was eighteen but I either passed out or blacked out during the gang bang because I cannot remember a couple hours of it. The next day I spent all most all day recovering my gang bang hang over and playing with myself with all the slimy leavings in my pussy.

Shackles, Whips, And Chocolate Pudding


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Like any sub girl I keep shackles laying around the house. Sometimes they are in plain sight. Most times this isn’t a big deal. The room mate is cool with it and the other people who come to my place are usually waiting to get me in shackles. Occasionally my whorishness gets me into embarrassing situations. Like yesterday.

The Mormons occasionally come around my neighborhood and talk to people. I was taking groceries out of the car when they decided I might need some salvation.

“Can we help you carry those?” The guy on the bicycle asked.

Well, now I was stuck. I can’t exactly say no to like a genuinely helpful gesture of human kindness. I didn’t know the shackles and whips were laying right there on the couch from the night before. That’s a whole different story.

So the Mormons came in and they saw pretty much right away the collection of stuff on the couch. A bullwhip, a pair of metal shackles, a length of rope, and a paddle. The younger guy’s eyes got so wide I thought they were going to burst out of his head. Dumb bitch that I sometimes am I didn’t know what he was looking at at first.

Then realization came on me like a brick. Right in the teeth. I looked, I blushed. I never blush. Ever. It was such a weird culture shock for me. He sort of just put the groceries on the table and put a Book of Mormon beside it.

The conversation after that was pretty short. He asked me what religious background I came from, how the weather has been, and anything but the shackles and toys laying on the couch. Worse, I had a whole bag full of nothing but chocolate pudding in my hand. I can laugh about it now though.

Fuck Pig: shackles
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I Need to Be Fucked Like A Dirty Slut

dirty slutI wouldn’t say that I’m a dirty slut. Sure, I like sex. I love sex as a matter of fact. Really, most of the time though I’d say that I’m on the Dominant end of things. There’s something about a man tied up that does things to me. I know what my place is in the world. But then again there’s a part of me that’s aching to be tamed. The problem is that a lot of the Masters out there don’t live up to their own hype or they end up thinking that because I have a deep need to be fucked in the ass like a dirty slut that it’s something they can use to turn me all the way into a subby girl. That’s never going to happen.

When you admit that you want to be used you are opening up a door. That door is one that you can’t really close again and it’s always going to be there. Still though, I have been feeling that need more and more. I have been thinking about it constantly. I want a strong man to take me and use me hard. I want him to fuck me in all of my holes and then I don’t want him to apologize for it. I don’t even want him to be grateful. I just want him to do it and do it as hard and fast as he wants to. I want it in my ass.

I’m sure that you can see the problem. I want to get fucked like a dirty slut but all of the men that I associate with know me as a Dominant woman who is all of these things that leaves no room for being used like a pig, rode hard, and put away wet. I can’t admit it to anyone and so I’m at a loss. How do I get off like a dirty bitch without anyone knowing that I did it? It’s something that I’ll have to think more about I think.